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First Sinatra App

The more you know, the more aware you become of what you don’t know. A (very) paraphrased quote from Nikola Tesla. That was certainly my experience with learning Sinatra.

CRUD, RESTful routes, nested hashes, user authentication. These were some of the newly introduced concepts that made me feel like even though I had taken a leap forward, I felt steps behind.

I’ve realized that I can’t learn everything at once. Whenever I experience Imposter Syndrome working on a lesson, it’s because I haven’t taken the time to really digest the last section. Once I paused and read additional external sources for the Sinatra topics, I was able to remember and understand each section. I want to finish the program as fast as I can; the reason is not to pay as little as possible but I believe learning anything tech in quick bursts is what innovative tech is all about. It’s like doing walking lunges. When I’m carrying 15 lb dumbbells in either hand and my body tells me that it wants to call it quits, I will keep going because I want to redefine my limits. As I’m programming and learning more complex topics, I want to redefine the limits of what my brain can handle.

This project was oddly satisfying. It wasn’t very difficult to build a Sinatra app from scratch; in fact, it seemed intuitive. It confirms that I’ve drilled the topics into my head and feel confident to move on.

Originally published at on May 12, 2017.