Symfony 4: New Hope

Jerzy Zawadzki
Dec 1, 2017 · 6 min read



“symfony/console”: “⁴.1”, 
“symfony/flex”: “¹.0”,
“symfony/framework-bundle”: “⁴.1”,
“symfony/lts”: “⁴@dev”,
“symfony/yaml”: “⁴.1”

But I do need a template engine!

$ composer require twig 

Symfony Flex

Important packages

Project Structure

Bye bye AppBundle!


$ composer require maker
make:auth                Creates an empty Guard authenticator
make:command Creates a new console command class
make:controller Creates a new controller class
make:entity Creates a new Doctrine entity class
make:form Creates a new form class
make:functional-test Creates a new functional test class
make:serializer:encoder Creates a new serializer encoder class
make:subscriber Creates a new event subscriber class
make:twig-extension Creates a new Twig extension class
make:unit-test Creates a new unit test class
make:validator Creates a new validator and constraintclass
make:voter Creates a new security voter class


Jerzy Zawadzki

Written by

CTO @ Polcode

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