Leave the Ticos Alone.

I’m just chillin’ mindin’ my business and this woman walks through the door with her silent angst filled teen aged son. Right off the bat, I get this weird vibe from this lady like stop…whatever this woman orders give her decaf, but I fight that urge and offer her a smile because my mother taught me not to judge others too quickly, she offers me an “aloha” back. Okay, that was a little weird but that’s none of my business. We continue through the transaction like any other one and then I finally move on to handcraft her beverage. I give her large peppermint white mocha and say thank you and she responds with “Gracias.” I say, “De nada” because I know a little bit of Spanish. You think it would end there but no, no the conversation had to continue because the lordt always has to test me. “I find language and languages to be sooooooooo interesting and it’s so funny because the things in other languages that you think would mean something actually mean nothing for example oui la in French means just here you go, like here you go and in Spanish de nada literally means nothing it means nothing” she said. WELL well WELL I respond with, “Actually it means something like you’re welcome.” Her eyes open wide and with a grin she says, “No see that’s something us Americans perceive it to mean. The Spanish speaking people are very proud so it’s sort of reflective of how proud they are and how they don’t actually need to say you’re welcome and how they don’t really care.” Trying to fight the urge to literally scream at this woman I smile, “Actually my mom is Costa Rican and I grew up around Costa Rican’s my entire life and it really just is supposed to translate to ‘You’re Welcome’. Looking like she found a shiny new toy, “Oh my God!!! You don’t look Costa Rican at all.” Again trying really hard to no cuss this lady out, “Yeah, my dad is white.” Nodding and smiling, “Yeah, yeah, you’re Costa Rican, good for you. You know my son and I are looking at land in Costa Rica because there’s good land there to surf.” Wanting to end the conversation, “Well, good luck with that” I walk away. I literally cannot convey in words how much I despise this lady. One, don’t try and tell another group of people what their words that they speak every day and use to communicate what they mean when they speak, Okay? Two, don’t assume or group people together unless you’re grouping yourself in with the other dumb asses that literally think everything belongs to them because news flash hunty not everything and specifically the Spanish language of the feelings of Spanish speaking people do not belong to you and therefore does not give you the right to make such broad statements…That brings me into another topic, don’t go to Costa Rica please I pray to God that you do not end up there. Just because you have enough money to pack up and move to Costa Rica or hell even have enough money to have homes in both Cleveland and Costa Rica does not mean you have to go ever ever ever go to Costa Rica. You shouldn’t go somewhere that you could possibly objectify the people that have always lived there and by that I mean, you’re “GOOD FOR YOU” comment. Lady fuck you for that comment and leave the Ticos alone.