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Introducing myself to Medium and you, the reader.

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Photo of myself, Zayera Khan sitting in the sun on a sunbed. Green t-shirt and bright sunlight. Trees in the background and blue skies.
Credit: Zayera Khan

I was born 1974 in Karachi, Pakistan. My parents are muslims and I grew up in an Urdu and Punjabi speaking household.

When I was 4 years old, we moved to Nigeria. My father being an adventurous person wanted to pursue a better life. My parents worked as teachers and we spent 6 years in a small town close to Abuja. My childhood memories are very fond. We experienced challenges and hardships; being sick with malaria every year. Or that summer when the roof off our house blew away in a tropical storm. Military forces took command in Nigeria in 1984, and we left the country for safety reasons.

My father was a chemist and his dream was to pursue a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry. He got accepted at Lund University in Sweden, and we settled down in southern Sweden. At the age of 10 years, relocating to Lund, Sweden. Learning Swedish and getting accustomed to a new lifestyle. Walking and biking to school, doing sports and having extracurricular activities after school.

At the age of 20 I left home to study at the university for 5 years. In the year 2000 I started working in IT and left Sweden. I ended up spending 7 years in Switzerland and 1 year in the Netherlands. Since 2008 I have settled down living in Sweden.

Zayera Khan with her father in Nigeria. Young child with a pink-white dress. Father is dressed in white shalwar kameez.
Credit: Zayera Khan

My interests

My interests are:

  • the mind, designing new interactions and experiences.
  • the body and how our body connections and interactions with our mind.
  • exploring the realm, nature, animals and travelling.

The mind has always fascinated me, and I have been the kind of child who asks questions no one can answer. In the end, I started looking for the answers myself. I wanted to study philosophy at the university. But I didn’t want to be an academic, only theorising. So I chose to study Cognitive Science and led me to topics such as usability, interaction design. Since my studies, I have been designing and improving human interactions with technology.

My interest for the body grew over the years and I wanted to understand human physiology and anatomy. I learnt Swedish classic massage and became a certified massage therapist. The education provided insights about that have been useful in all aspects of life.

Exploring, traveling, and and nature coincide with each other. To date (april 2023) I have visited 60 countries; as solo traveller, as group traveller, with a friend or partner. In some countries I have participated in volunteering projects in nature, with farming or animals.

I have scribbled and written but not shared any thoughts before . Writing on Medium is an effort to create a habit, exercise my thoughts and improve my style of writing. Some day I want to spend time writing Sci-Fi and share these with the world.

Photo of Zayera Khan in a rainbow coloured striped sweater. Sunlit and a green plant in the background.
Credit: Zayera Khan

Get in touch!

I would be happy to hear from any reader, and get in touch and write comments here, thanks!

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