Live for the Ninth Month

The ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, one almost every practicing Muslim anticipates because it’s a month practiced throughout the world. Ramadan. In this blessed month our holy book was brought down day by day. To commemorate that, we fast which is also one of the five pillars. But Ramadan is not only about fasting food from your body. Ramadan is about fasting all the sins away from your soul. It’s a first step for many into bettering themselves as people and as Muslims. In Ramadan, many Muslims who neglect the basic aspects of Islam such as praying and reciting Quran, they tend to focus more and give bigger issue to the basics. Living in Sugar Land, I have had the pleasure of being around more Muslims than many other places provide. It feels like most of our religion decided to move here to further their American Dream, and that gave this community an amazing atmosphere. I’ve been noticing how many people this year have been saying “Oh Ramadan doesn’t feel the same this year”, but in a month where you just abide strictly to Allah and you just focus on yourself, how would it not feel the same. If anything every Ramadan should feel different but better. Every Ramadan should be another step for you to understand why you are a Muslim and what that means.

Ramadan is what you make of it. A mirror of your goals and sense of urgency.

I know many people who pray they see another Ramadan before they pass away. In a real life situation, if you don’t know the basics you can’t advance to the technicals and expect mastery on a higher level. The basics always come first, and without a proper foundation everything else just crumbles. I often ask myself, what’s the point of worrying about technicalities if you can’t even bother with the basics. If you’re forgetting what this month is about, but still fasting; you might as well eat too.