Mozart said “Go on a journey”

Do you ever just feel like wandering? Unlimiting yourself and seeing what you really can accomplish? Go on a journey, find countless moments where being lost is the same as being found. Turn the world upside down and let your life live throughout your footsteps. In a nutshell, we exist in a nutshell. We know what we see and we believe what others tell. Our lives consist of patterns, daily patterns which we call “going about our day”. We make memories out of memories and that’s only for snapchat. No one ever wakes up and decides to lose themselves in the road not taken. Does it ever become boring? Never taking a risk and allowing a system. I’d say from experience that the best teacher is experience. Learning to live alone can also teach you how to stay at home. Learning to disobey can also teach you to obey. Learning what you weren’t taught can reiterate what you were. Experience guides us all back to where we started, and the only thing that changed can’t come back. The time you spent. No matter where you go, no matter how far or how lost you seem, you will be guided back to where you started. I can talk all about my life and how going on a journey made me come back to the start. You can do all you can to dye your hair, but your roots won’t ever change color. Somethings just can’t be different no matter how hard you bring upon to change it. For me, I wanted to leave because I was sick of being stuck. I had a daily routine, a normal life, and a horrible setup; but it seemed as if there was no way out. Leaving my family and attempting to live by myself seemed like it was the proper choice given my circumstances, but I couldn’t even get myself to step one as my dad still supported me from wherever he stood. When you first learn how to ride a bike, people are there supporting you and making sure you don’t fall. When you master it, they still stick around and make sure you don’t go too far away. When they trust you, they give you full responsibility over yourself and that is their way of saying go wander. For me, my dad threw me a lifeline and it wasn’t one that I could ignore. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to fill up gas in my car, or put food on my plate. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to come back home after being lost and realize that being found was just a wake up call. No matter who I wanted to be, I was still the same me with just an awakened way of viewing myself. It’s like looking out of dirty glasses and getting accustomed to that view until you clean it and everything seems so pure and vivid. I went on a journey to find myself, and during it I found more. I left to go wander, but I was never lost in the beginning. I left a stranger but came back to a home of norm. So go on a journey, go get lost, go do whatever your heart pleases and escape from your cycle. Let go of your patterns. Get unstuck from whatever you’re still hung up on. When you come back don’t expose the secret and the beauty of finding your own self. Simply ask the next person in line,

“Do you ever just feel like wandering?”.
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