Rain or Tears

I say trust in your words because when nothing else is left for you, your words carry volume of infinite magnitude. Now I say trust in yourselves and your city, because when the waves subside it will be us left to rebuild what we loved and cherished. I do not know how many people this will reach, nor do I know how many of those people know me. But I am not from around here. I have never claimed Houston, nor have I ever been proud of the fact I am here. I grew up in Dallas my whole life, so I always kind of had that rivalry bone in me, but no longer. It hurts my heart to see what this kind city is going through. For all of my hate for this city, I love it twice as much. I may not be a fan of the local sports teams or the artists coming out of this city, but to me the biggest celebrities are the people who showed me life like I never knew. In Dallas, we may have the occasional tornado but never anything as drastic. I don’t even know if Houston experiences this as often as it seems. Hurricane Harvey is supposedly a 500 year flood. It is devastating to see the city where I had my biggest failures and my best successes fall to the ground as havoc wrecks what we love and know. It hurts to see the people who welcomed me arms open running from the place we call home. I can’t tell if we’re crying or it’s just the constant rain pouring down our faces. I can’t tell if we’re begging or we’re just giving up and letting the wounds worsen. But I see my celebrities saving as many as they can. I see my celebrities leaving their homes to make sure others do too. I see my celebrities, young and old from high school students to university scholars to working men; save people from all the massive floods surrounding us. I have always been taught a “save yourself and worry about yours” mentality. You are always supposed to secure your air mask before you worry about your loved ones next to you. As caring as I want to be, I’m only doing this by skills learned, not behavior imprinted in me. My compassion is far from what everyone in Houston is demonstrating; and for that I would personally like to thank you. I would like to thank each and every person that risked their lives and risked their family losing them to make sure another family doesn’t grieve. I would like to thank everyone who opened up their homes to make sure people know they are not alone. The city of Houston may seem dead to onlookers but we, the people living in Houston’s heart know, that this city is more alive than ever.

If it never rains, the world will never grow.

When you can wipe away your tears and see the waves subside, when you can clear up all the streets and find pathways open again, I guarantee that this city will grow even bigger than it was before. Thank you to the city of Houston, and I pray that the rain stops. I pray that families find themselves home. I pray that no more losses happen. And I pray that no matter what, Houston stays strong. Rain or tears, please, grow.