Built it and they will come. But they won’t stay.

Stand out from the crowd in the world wild web as an e-commerce store.

As I often like to say advertisement indeed doesn’t drive real traffic but it can get you one way customers, in simple words a one way customer is someone that will most likely buy something (not more than one item) and he won’t visit you again for a long long time! Now we don’t want this, do we?

Advertisement is the way to go only if you thrive already in your content.

What I’m saying is to keep your mind occurred on how to get that great content on your business, including prices on products, website’s UI, color psychology or even professional photography of the products and thous you will find the road to success that generates repeating customers and creating a brand on your name.

Through the years I’ve seen some good ecommerce stores being made with a lot of back end functionality good content and really good prices, but in lack of design and UI throughout the pages. The prices and the photography that was being used was poor and unprofessional, so even thought the owner spend much money on creating and developing the webpage he was not being able to get a daily customer rate because all his traffic was made from advertisement, customers used to see a product on sale on facebook or google ad and they would most likely get into the shop buy it and never ever come back, for many different reasons. Leaving us to the point that the revenue was not more than the budget spend for ads.

You want to be remembered for your name and your brand, not only for some good prices on your products.

That’s what good advertisement is after all, everything else is simple marketing for a single product or a brand. Next time try to hit the market with your signature and make your customers to really want to visit your e-shop whenever they want something.

Do whatever you can so you won’t be forgotten, ever.

In the next read I’m going to describe some ways to achieve standing out as an e-commerce brand and start real fast generating returning customers and don’t lose them on the world wild web!

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