Today I wanna discuss constructive feedback and the importance of it in enriching your life and making you a better person . — that’s what they tell us right?-

so I did this course where I had this Korean mentor who is an idea translator — yeah go figure — I did not know ideas spoke a different language let alone require people to become translators !!!!

Anyhow, towards the end of the course I got performance feedback from my mentor and he told me that I need to be more flexible ! he kept explaining to me the importance of flexibility ! and to my surprise a couple of people agreed that I need to be more flexible ! so, I thought to myself maybe there is some truth to that.. I have to be open minded to this feedback. — i should have known better than to be open minded !!-

Later that day I went to the gym and I started doing my stretches and got into my yoga routine and I realized as I was standing on my hands with my legs curved behind my back that I am plenty flexible- those idiots — ! I teach yoga for god’s sake ! there isn’t an inch of me that isn’t flexible !!

so, not only is my mentor wrong, but anybody who thinks or who will think that I am not flexible is also wrong and possibly jealous of my amazing flexibility ! — yeah ! I went there- !

so to all of you people who thrive on constructive feedback I only have one thing to say ( who the hell cares what people think )

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