Firehose Week 1: It’s been a hell of a week…

Well… where do I begin?

This past week has been a wild ride! I officially started the Firehose Project curriculum last Monday after gaining acceptance and I can honestly say that I have learned more in the last week than my last two years of on-and-off self-teaching. It still amazes me that in three weeks I have built a portfolio page and a fully-functioning web application.

The first week of the program, admittedly, blind-sided me with the amount of material covering the MVC development model. After having finished Ruby cody challenges back to back to gain acceptance, I expected something similar I guess? If anything, I was pleasantly surprised (in a very good way)! I am still a bit fuzzy on how all the small parts tie together but I trust that will become clearer with more exposure.

Halfway through my first week, I also received my 5th concussion while playing in a soccer match. This one, my doctor said, would be the last one since any more injury to the brain could be fatal. I grew up playing and competing in competitive soccer through college and quite recently, a small team in Germany. The physical nature of the sport usually takes a toll on most athletes and it definitely didn’t spare me. Last week’s concussion was quite traumatizing and put me a few days behind schedule on my first Firehose project. However, I managed to catch up with lots of sleep and focusing all my waking (literally) hours on my application.

Today I am sitting here writing my very first blog post after having deployed my first web application, yet, I am just now realizing I will probably never play soccer again. But that realization is not as devastating as it once would have been because I have already committed myself to something else. A new passion. The next phase of my life. And it all starts with the Firehose Project.