They stand in front of the mirror, tears streaming down their porcelain face. They are confined in the tiny, smothering room. Society’s chains holding them there, bound to the ground by words before they even speak. They look at the mirror and see nothing.

Their life set out for them by ghosts who have never seen them. Spewing hatred at them before they take their first steps. They are limited by the very same entity that tells them to stand strong. They are told they can accomplish anything yet at every turn they are shoved back.

Closing their eyes they dream. Dream of everything they want to be and everything they will be. Words that bound them become words that drive them. They dream of a world where they aren’t confined. Society is free to call them what they see fit, but by the end they will accomplish what they have set out to accomplish.

Opening their eyes they look at the mirror and see their past, their present, and their future. They look at the mirror and see everything.

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