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“Okay, now let’s look at the next candidate.”

Documents appear on the screen, and all the members of the tenure commission start to look at them.

“Seems like he has been pretty successful. He has published several articles,” mentions the first member.

“He has supervised a PhD student and, from what I’ve heard, he has also been a good teacher,” confirms a second member.

“Hmm… I’m not so sure,” says a third. “Look at which journals he has published his articles. None are top journals.”

“But isn’t Journal of Materials from Nature a top journal?” asks the first.

“Nope.” She…

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„Olgu, vaatame nüüd järgmist kandidaati.”

Dokumendid ilmuvad ekraanile ja kõik tenuuri komisjoni liikmed hakkavad vaatama.

„Tundub, et ta on päris edukas olnud. Ta on avaldanud mitu artiklit,” mainib üks liige.

„Ta on juhendanud doktoranti ja nii palju, kui mina olen kuulnud, on ta olnud ka hea õppejõud,” kinnitab teine.

„Mmm… ma ei ole nii kindel,” ütleb kolmas. „Vaata, mis ajakirjades ta on oma artiklid avaldanud. Pole ühtegi tippajakirja.”

„Aga kas Journal of Materials from Nature pole tippajakiri?” küsib esimene.

„Ei ole.” Ta trükib kiiresti arvutisse ja siis näitab teistele. „Selle ajakirja mõjufaktor on vaid 0,46.”

„Ah, sõna „nature” on nimes…

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Credit: Hasan Hagi, “Into The Darkness”, CC-BY

“Waaaah! Help! HELP! There’s bugs! Bugs all over!” I should be sympathetic and caring, but at 2 a.m. I am not my best self. “Look, there’s nothing here,” I say in an irritated tone. I pat my hands all around him to show there are no bugs and bring him back to reality.

Of course it doesn’t work. For some reason, in these moments logical arguments don’t make any difference. Probably something to do with brain evolution and the amygdala. So instead, we sit up for a long time until he finally calms down and can fall back asleep. …

Zach Baird

Engineer working to build a better future.

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