Yeah, I don’t know about that outburst. People are weird.
Kel Campbell

Kel, I think it’s that second set of doors that make your point best. It’s basic suspicion that now you owe them … what?

But on to pregnancy and Michelle Stone’s experience. I recently took the train from Union Station Chicago to the suburbs. My daughter, 7.5 months visibly pregnant at the time, takes this train daily from work, but gets on at the second stop — where all the seats are gone, and you’re standing in the aisle.

I got up to let her sit down. She said it was the first time anyone had offered her a seat. I was surprised! But maybe too many people have had the experience of Stone’s husband, and it’s just easier to ignore those visibly in need.

(and, yes, when I see a man struggling with a bunch of packages or luggage, or someone much older and frailer than I am, I’ll offer him my seat.)

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