Helpin is one stop shop for women to find and buy local services.

I’m sure many of you had experience how hard is to plan your wedding, even harder to find a local trustworthy and available provider for this event. You need to spend hundreds of hours till you find all those pro’s that will create that magic moment the way you want it. Helpin addresses that problem. We help women to find immediate help with a wedding planning. We want to make it so easy as a click of a single button to find: a musician, photographer, florist, wedding presenter , dress designer, groomer, makeup artist — just name it, anybody that could be helpful while organising the wedding.

Some stats

Wedding planner for free

Our main advantage that instead of just giving you list of names and numbers, you would find on google, or any classified, Helpin does much more: we guide you with what you need for your wedding to make it perfect, what needs to get done and then we reach out to our network of professionals and introduce you to the ones that are available, interested and qualified to do the work you want to be done. We do the same job that your wedding planner would do, but for free!

Helpin software distributes your request to relevant and nearby pros, who then respond with a price and description of their services. That way we save you the hassle having to spend weeks looking for these folks. Our main advantage that providers bid on you.

Why our service addresses women?

We looked into some data to local service marketplace around the globe: like thumbtack (almost 70% users are females), Angie’s list (65%). Research shows that women make the vast majority of consumer buying decisions in American households. On average women decide 83 to 87 % of consumer purchases. 98% — home furnishing, 92% — Vacations, 91% — new homes, 80% — DIY home projects, 80% — health care.


Pay-per-lead model: the professionals will bid only on projects they could complete, each bidding will cost some money for them. That way we want to ensure that customer won’t get spammed.


We believe in Jobs-to-be-done framework to define the jobs that arise in women life and context. Our main goal to become one-stop shop for women who are planning weddings and starting a family. We want to cover all task related with:

  • Housekeeping — from cleaning windows to remodeling your kitchen.
  • Child care — from hiring nanny for the evening to finding the best math tutor for your child.
  • Beauty — groomers, make-up artist, personal fitness trainer

Interested to help?

skype: zgecis