Technology Radar — July 2017

It’s always interesting reading the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar which splits technologies into quarters:

  1. Adopt
  2. Trial
  3. Assess
  4. Hold

Our team’s primary technologies are C#, ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS front-end, which I have really enjoyed learning and using.

A recent team planning day included a Technology Radar session where, as a team, we could see what our own Technology Radar might look like.

What we did

Each member of the team wrote their tech onto a post-it note. Duplicates were combined. We used numbers 1 to 4 to represent the quarter the tech was placed. And for each tech, the team did a 1–2–3-[vote-by-holding-up-number-of-fingers].

Capturing the team’s technologies and vote quarter grouping.

Why we did this

This allowed for the tech to be placed and prioritised into the quarter based on the team’s opinion.

The approach was chosen due to time constraints of the day, and helped to provide a view of our landscape.

I’d imagine future radar planning sessions could include some lead time, whereby the pros-and-cons could be pre-prepared by members of the team. Plus, the merits of each could be discussed to offer some deeper technical perspectives.

What we discovered

Now our team has a nice view of our tech landscape (generated following the details from this Build Your Own Technology Radar post), and it will be interesting to track and compare the movements in our team’s radar.

Interestingly, our current front-end is built with AngularJS, a consideration for v.Next / new modules would be optioned alongside React or Angular.

There wasn’t a distinct winner between React / Angular, however, from having been exposed to React in a recent TuneUp project (PageUp’s awesome internal hackathon), I find myself agreeing with React (the feel of extending code with HTML vs. extending HTML to know code *my very simplistic view starting point).