SOCIFI Android Captive portal FIX

Even though Sign in to Wi-Fi network system window on Android issue is still unresolved by Android Developers SOCIFI has a fix you can implement while using SOCIFI WiFi Solution.

What is the issue?

Several Android users are experiencing problems when they connect via any Captive Portal and the “Sign in to Wi-Fi network window” is automatically closed. This problem affects all Captive Portals on the majority of Android devices.

How does it affect Android Users?

The delivery of the content is affected and the user is not seeing ads, content or other impression and no custom success page you can configure at SOCIFI Dashboard.

See the differences between Android and iOS during the connection process for better understanding.

How does it affect WiFi Provider and Publisher?

Due to the fact, the user can easily connect without engaging with an ad, it’s unlikely your helpdesk dept receives any complaints. However, the issue heavily affects you, the WiFi Provider and Publisher. How? Several Android users with version 5.0 and higher do not see any Captive Portal which affects your ROI. Android penetration is growing and without a solution, you risk decreasing the delivery of even now limited ad impressions.

Depending on your network demography we see over 68% of Captive Portal users use Android devices. Based on these AVG numbers we consider implementing SOCIFI Android Captive Portal Sign-Into Window DNS Fix as a crucial for every solid network focused on user experience.

Solution & Recommendation

SOCIFI developed tested and working solution to allow Android users to get similar or the same experience as iOS users get. There are two solutions developed by SOCIFI. We’ve started with the recommendation of Google from the issue tracker to redirect the user to the browser and continue with a Captive portal there. It didn’t bring the desired results.

In this article, we will focus on the complex solution to get your network into a perfect shape.

You can see in the next picture the result of our fix. The first pic shows the previous state and the next after fix state, Impression’s growth approx +23%, Brand’s view +50%, and Connection’s +44%. The origin of numbers from a group hotspots by capital city’s main railway station.

SOCIFI DNS Android Sign-Into Window Fix allows the majority of Android devices to easily connect. Based on our experience, you can expect improving connection rates between 15–30% depending on your visitor’s equipment mix.

The solution makes Android devices believe there is no internet access by blocking access to Android DNS test domains.

The solution requires custom DNS service which you can run on your virtual or physical server or Mikrotik devices. We’ve unveiled step-by-step manual how to do so.

You can also request to use Cloud-Based SOCIFI Android Captive Portal Sign-Into Window DNS Fix or virtualized/dedicated solution as a service. Contact support for pricing.

Zbynek Hrase

Head of Product & PM