Letter to International Olympic Committee

As you probably know, one of our goals is to make Snowfeet a regular Olympic Sport. So how to achieve it? We have no idea! It’ one of those tasks you have no idea how to achieve, so you have to learn everything. That’s what I love about it. First, we wanted to start communicating with the people from Olympic Games. Where to find them? Who are they? After a bit of a google search, we found an International Olympic Committee, which is a supreme Olympic organization located in Lousanne, Switzerland. So maybe they are the right ones. I don’t know. We will see. We sent the letter to their address and the rest is in the stars.

Here’s the letter:

Dear International Olympic Committee,

I’m writing you with a request for inclusion of a new sport into the Winter Olympic Games. The sport is calledSnowfeet. We assume that the community of Snowfeet owners will be growing fast during next ten years and it will be big enough to become an Olympic sport in the year 2026. The discipline will be similar to Slalom or Freestyle Skiing.

You can find more information about Snowfeet on the website: www.snowfeetstore.com. Please, contact us about your attitude towards this request and give us any important information about the process of becoming an Olympic sport. Either by mail or email.

Best regards,
Snowfeet team