Snowfeet — Revolution in Winter Sports

Step towards equality

Football is probably the most popular team sport in the world because the only thing you need to have is the ball.

Skiing and snowboarding equipment is expensive, which makes these winter sports more available for upper middle class and rich ones and so you don’t often see sportsmen of poor background at Winter Olympic games. Big ski resorts are usually full of upper middle class and rich people.

Snowfeet equipment consists only of a pair of Snowfeet. That is why it is the cheapest of all winter sports and thus creates an opportunity of going to ski resorts regularly for a much larger group of people regardless of their social status.

Problems on the Slopes

Twenty years ago, ski resorts were filled only with skiers, and snowboarders had to persuade the ski resorts to let them use their slopes. It was the fear of unknown. Nowadays we Snowfeet enthusiasts feel a bit like snowboarders, because sometimes we have to persuade the ski resort staff to let us go on slopes. It seems as if they thought there is something evil about Snowfeet.

One time in Italy, a policemen let us use the slopes only after I assured them nicely, that it is really safe and few years later there will be much more people like me. I told them to make a decision after they see me going down the hill. They agreed and so I run down the slope and did my best. They all smiled and agreed that it really is safe and we can use their Italian ski resorts.

So far, we always succeeded, but it’s always better to be prepared with good arguments.