Last month, Steve Blank, the founder of the Lean Startup movement published an enticing new Medium post called ‘Is the Lean Startup Dead?’. Given that most of my career has been spent implementing Lean Startup techniques to build new companies, it got my click. The short read calls out the interesting (inverse) relationship between risk capital market conditions and the utilization of lean startup methods.

Just last month, I wrote a piece for my Entrepreneur column with my thoughts on the looming recession and how it relates to what is happening in tech and VC. …

There are a plethora of successful startups that are created by coders that have fueled a common belief that in order to have a successful tech company, you have to fit the stereotypical “22-year-old” coder-founder mold.

2018 studies from Harvard Business Review and the National Bureau of Economic Research have shown otherwise, with the average successful tech company founder ages of 45 and 47, respectively.

The entrepreneurial world is finding that industry experts are among the most effective founders. This is because those with extensive experience in particular industries possess a competitive edge over just about anyone else hoping to…

This year has kicked off at full-speed for our team at Coplex. From a new suite at Galvanize surrounded by an infectious entrepreneurial energy to a wild Grand Opening event to announcing our merger with AZ Crown Ventures, we’ve been blown away by the support of the community and are excited to have it all happening here in Phoenix.

Me, at Startup Week Phoenix 2017 with Tim Crown and Mike Guggemos

It was around this time last year that Stephen Viramontes introduced me to Tim Crown, as we were both asked to be panelists at Startup Week. I only knew of Tim through his success at Insight (which he and his brother…

Happy New Year!

This year, I celebrated my 30th New Year’s and I had some time to reflect on some of the most important life and entrepreneurial lessons that I’ve learned during my stint in this thing called “life”. I wanted to take a minute to share the first 30 that came to mind for me, in hopes that it can make a little difference for you in 2018.

1) Travel the world, (when you can), and see things through many different lenses. It gives you an appreciation for life far beyond your bubble.

2) Don’t build taller walls, build…

The format and simplicity of Elon Musk’s recently-released Master Plan, Part Deux blog post is nothing short of inspiring. The (literal) reach-for-the-stars attitude Elon has motivated me to do the same for Coplex. After all, if you don’t dream big, don’t expect to achieve the unimaginable.

After honing in on my entrepreneurial artistic talents, I created this, my “Coplex Master Plan, Part Un.” (Thankfully, that’s the only word I remember from French class in high school.) In the next 10 years, we look to accomplish the following:

1. Build a world-class Startup Accelerator that is at the forefront of this decade’s innovation.

We love how Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and Techstars are enabling entrepreneurs around the world. They’ve created world-class brands and set the standard for what makes startup accelerators great. Not only that, they’ve helped support and build thousands of startup communities around the world.

They’ve designed and built their programs around the “technical founding team” and provide the skills…

Many people in the tech world (myself included) probably wouldn’t consider themselves “artists,” but there’s more creativity in entrepreneurship than you might realize.

I’ve never thought of myself as a visionary or a creative — I was good at math and science. In fact, I vividly remember struggling so badly in my high school “intro to art” class that I convinced my school principal to let me take a second Computer Graphics class instead of Art 101 (even though such a class didn’t exist yet.) My mad hacking skills, combined with some great online tutorials, won me a spot in a newly created Computer Graphics II class and the necessary “fine arts” credits for graduation.

Oh, I even made my first company logo…

The more narrow a worldview, the more limited a life will be. This was just one striking realization after I breached the security of the “known” and pushed the limits of my comfort zone in the world.

Hey, I’m Zach. I grew up in a small little town of about 8,000 inhabitants called Bellevue, Ohio. According to the 2010 Census Data, the city is 96.3% white. (Yes, I linked Wikipedia as a source. I am allowed to do that because this is a blog, okay?) Anyways, I can say with certainty that it wasn’t a very diverse place.

Now at this point, you’re probably wondering what makes me qualified to write an article about diversity with such an upbringing, but I will get to that. ;)

My Hometown Landscape

Unfortunately, there was a lot of prejudice where I grew up…

Zach Ferres

Tech Exec, Speaker, Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, Co-Founder of Coplex.

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