Let’s make a better generation

With the events that have transpired in the past few weeks. I’m, mainly, talking about the Vegas Route 91 concert shooting, the Harvey Weinstein outing and the NFL protesting racial inequality. The typical dialog followed with debating the of cause and effect to why these things keep happening and steps we can take to prevent them from happening again.

This time round though. Something started to dawn on me. What if its not just a matter of how many laws we put in place to restrict the sales of firearms or their accessories? Or making mental health care a priority? Or how many people come out with their story of harassment? Or us realizing that race shouldn’t matter?

The thought that dawned on me is, maybe resolving these issues doesn’t start with, or solely lie, in taking direct action on the issues themselves, but instead beginning to resolve them in the home with parents teaching and showing children that these things aren’t ok to do. I say this because parents, more times than not, are a child’s guiding light in the first few years of their life. When they don’t know any other authoritative figure. And if a child sees their parent/s repeatedly do something or they aren’t disciplined for their actions when they do something like that. What’s stopping them from doing the exact same things as they get older.

So, instead of doing the same old same old of debating these things amongst ourselves expecting to resolve these issues with laws or simply becoming more aware. We raise a generation that respect people in general, you don’t need a small armory of firearms with thousands of rounds of ammo in your home, the color of your skin shouldn’t matter and if your kid needs to talk to somebody, stop what you’re doing and listen. That wouldn’t only help erase these issues, it would make for a better world in general.