Response to New York Times Article, “Pregnancy Discrimination is Rampant…”

In the recent New York Times article, entitled “Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America’s Biggest Companies” Kitroeff and Silver-Greenberg shed light on the growing issue of gender discrimination in the workplace — specifically towards pregnant women and new mothers. This article “hit home,” as I serve as Chief Executive Officer of a company that focuses on bettering conditions for mothers in the workforce. I decided to write a letter to the editor and voice my thoughts.

“Gender inequity and sexual harassment in the workplace are devastating realities that plague women across America. From the #MeToo movement to the absence of paid maternity leave and lactation services, corporations are failing women, and mothers in particular, across all industries. The responsibility lies with employers. As a mother and grandmother, my heart breaks for women like Otisha Woolbright and Erin Murphey. The brave women that came forward and shared their stories should be commended. But these stories are not unique. I hope more women come forward and share their experiences of pregnancy and motherhood discrimination. This is truly a call to arms. 42% of women report gender discrimination in the workforce, regardless of whether they have chosen to bear children or not. We all must come together and support each other’s choices in order to move the needle. We already know satisfied employees yield better results. Employee benefits aren’t simply for employees; They have long-term financial benefits for companies. Businesses must act fast, or they’re going to lose bright, motivated women.”

Moments like this inspire me to push forward in my efforts to protect and support new mothers.

The seasoned Silicon Valley CEO of DayOne Baby with a passion for supporting new families at home and in the workplace.

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