CNA Week 5

Syria Approves Relief

The Syrian government approved humanitarian access to seven areas that are in desperate need of relief on Tuesday. These seven areas are said to be the ones that were deemed in the most need of relief, with over half a million people living in them. This now raises the question of when relief will become available for the rest of the war torn country.

Prison Pregnancy

An inmate at a Northern Vietnam prison has escaped the death penalty by getting herself pregnant. Officials are saying that she bought a male inmates sperm and used a syringe to artificially inseminate herself. Due to Vietnamese law her sentence has been reduced from death to life in prison.

Chief of Police to be Investigated

Columbia’s Chief of Police, Gen. Rodolfo Palomino, is under investigation for allegedly creating a male prostitution ring. Younger officers are saying that they were threatened in to engaging in sexual acts with higher ranking officers. The chief is welcoming this investigation hoping that it will clear his name.