EX 6.2 City Council Meeting

The Lynchburg City Council met Monday night and voted on three major issues, including rezoning a local cemetery, a one-cent sales tax increase and licensing city morticians.

The first thing that was voted on at Monday’s meeting was whether or not to rezone a cemetery on the 2800 block of Forbes Street. This would be for the purpose of building a supermarket in the area. Though the Metropolitan Zoning Commission thinks this is a good idea, residents of that area seem to think otherwise.

“This thing is going to destroy our neighborhood. It’s pretty quiet there now, but if you get this thing in there, it’s going to turn noisy,” said Early Wynn, one of about 20 people who spoke on this issue at the meeting.

In the end the council voted 5–2 against the rezoning petition.

The next order of business was a 1 cent sales tax increase proposed by councilwoman Wilma Rudolph. The suggestion of this tax increase comes with the prediction that it will bring $400,000 to the city next year, avoiding layoffs and giving the city opportunity to expand some services. This increase will cost the average family about $75 a year.

The council voted 5–2 For the tax.

The final proposal was one to license morticians in the city. Councilman Mazeroski believes that this would bring in a considerable amount of revenue to the city by requiring mortuary to pay a $150 licensing fee per year. Many of the morticians believe that the city is mistaken and that the money will have to be turned over to the state.

Due to concerns there was a motion to table the proposal which passed with a vote of 6–1.

Monday night the Lynchburg City Council voted against the Metropolitan Zoning Commission’s petition to rezone a local cemetery on the 2800 block of Forbes Street.

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