Foreign Students Have Much to Gain Pursuing Higher Education in America

By Zack Davis

Kent State University, 2017

Born in America but English being her second language, Carla Buzoianu has taken what some people perceive as the “American Dream” and made it her reality. Hard work and dedication got her through school and will continue to make her dreams come to life.

Miss Buzoianu was the first person in her entire family born in America, with her parents immigrating from Romania. As a kid she was raised in a Romanian household. Not learning English until she got to preschool at the age of 3. With her parents growing up in Romania, Carla found it a little difficult adapting to making friends in America. She had to figure it out on her own.

“My parents couldn’t push me in a direction that was more geared toward what typical Americans do or the American system. They basically just centered it around what they knew growing up in Romania and how the school system was there”, Carla explained.

Carla started her undergrad studies at The Ohio State University and finished at Kent State University, getting a degree in Biology Pre-Med. Buzoianu decided not to take the path leading to medical school and instead went to a pacemaker school in Boston. When she finished she got a job working for Boston Scientific. She contracts with various hospitals around the Akron-Canton area to take care of pacemakers and defibrillators.

“I actually am looking to move back to Romania and purssue my dream of buying a hotel next to Dracula's castle”, said Buzoianu. She has high aspirations for her future but they are not far fetched. Carla has set herself up for the life she dreamed of. She is getting married to the love of her life when she moves back home and will continue to pursue her ambitions.

She left me with a little advice for any student from another country who wants to come to America for their education.

“It helps to get a different perspective because when you study here you can bring what you've learned here and take it back home and give a different spin on ways of thinking or different things you can do that a student there might not come up with”, said Buzoianu.

Carla was born in America but considers herself Romanian. She is very thankful for everything she has learned and experianced here and she will take what she has learned and apply it throughout the rest of her life. Any foreign student has this potential. Carla is one example of many foreign students flourishing from pursuing higher education in the United States.