Running Away is (Not) Always a Bad Thing.

Image by Sternensucher.

Everyone seems like to think that it’s not good to run away from something. And such way of thinking is likely perched deep into people, so when we decide to flee from one thing— anything — people think they have the audacity to ‘honor’ us with one spectacular name: coward.

But it is not always like that.

And it doesn’t have to be like that. There are also times when running away becomes the best option available, even after you give it a deep, long, contemplation. And while I perfectly realize that it may sound much like an excuse, I personally think that running away is also one form of ‘moving forth’. Because as you run, you will definitely…


Well. I’ve got my fair share of running away, too.

I’m a runner myself. And that’s why it’s okay if you think this is just my poor attempt at self-justification. But I broke my connection with some acquaintances and friends because they made me feel empty. I couldn’t earnestly laugh when I was with them. I felt such a huge pressure to be liked by them. I wasn’t being myself; I failed to find the ‘me’ I like the most. So I left those people and ran.

I chose a university hundreds miles away from my hometown. I denied attending events I didn’t want showing up to. I ran again. Ran and ran and ran. Sometimes I got myself away from people I don’t want to see. Sometimes I fled from scary things waiting on the way. Sometimes I dodged myself away from doing stuffs I’m bad at, as I focused more in what I’m good at. Sometimes I just felt so frustrated, wanting to stop and give it all up, but I forced myself to gather my shit and ran instead.

Faster. Farther.

Which surprisingly, it succeeded at keeping me sane.

Being called a coward is completely fine by me, after all. Because although the fact that I acted like a sore loser by avoiding many things is true, all the experiences within my ‘running away’ journey surprisingly feels great and meaningful. Thanks to my running, I managed to meet unexpected people with kindness I’ve never imagined before. I got to do things I’ve never once thought of. It surely would never happened if I decided to stay at my previous ‘zone’.

Thus, I don’t regret anything so far.

And if you are in the middle of running away, too — or considering to do so because you’re fed up with the status quo — I want to say one thing: what you are doing (or gonna do) is not 100% bad. No one is ever sure of what can happen in the future, anyway. Probably you are seen as a loser, quitter, or a coward today, but that simple coward-ish step may as well save you from depression or self-destruction later on.

I guess the most important thing in life is to not stop trying. Whether it’s to fight every obstacles head-on or going around a little bit for a safer path, both are alright.

Nobody really knows the most correct way to live this life, after all.

Not me. Not the teachers you meet at school. Not even Mario Teguh and his overrated ‘golden ways’.