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The less talked about version of a legendary society


Humans thrive on conflict. Though we claim to want peace, we are infatuated with war, fighting, debating, and all other forms of competition. This is one reason warrior societies like Sparta have become infamous throughout time, though they really did little on the surface to advance humankind. Yet they could have, if the message had not been focused on their legendary warriors, but rather why they were legendary warriors.

In truth Sparta could have been famous for any number of things because of the way they led their lives. They were…

If it’s not affecting other people, don’t allow it to effect you

Photo by Andrik Langfield

Compromise is a necessary and often vital aspect of building strong relationships. Yet it can often be invasive in our every day lives when allow it to enter situations where it doesn’t belong. If a decision or outcome will only effect you, don’t allow compromise to push you into a decision you won’t be happy with.

We often are victims of this and it is one of the primary reasons we seem to ‘lose ourselves’ in relationships, whether they be friendships, professional, or intimate. The expectations of others have a tendency to impose themselves on our lives, pushing us in…

Building a world I’d be proud to raise a daughter in

Photo by Dulcey Lima

Our world is full of contradictions and backsliding. Sometimes it can feel like we are Sisyphus, pushing a a boulder up mountain that never seems to end regardless of how much progress we make. Our nations claim to promote gender equality while quietly tolerating the archaic practices of countries like Saudi Arabia. Companies spout their focus on diversity yet do nothing to not only hire more women but enable those women to thrive in their profession. There is a very good reason that female employment in some industries such as tech is stagnant. …

And my search for a worthy hand to wield me

Photo by Timothy Eberly

She young, driven, and full of hope. The atrocities of this world are enough to fill most of us with hopelessness. People are evil, we are destroying our planet and each other, and the only option is to enjoy life as much as possible before it is taken away. Yet she doesn’t bow to despair when it rears its ugly head. She faces it head on with every tool she has at her disposal, regardless of how small she feels standing in front of it. She doesn’t accept that humans will always be violent, poverty and hunger will always exist…

It’s disguised as Power, but we all know the truth

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh

Even the most progressive of us have to be honest, when we hear the word power our minds most likely flash to a white male in a tailored suit. Despite the leaps and bounds we have made, those are the individuals still running the most powerful organizations and governments in the world. Yet it’s important to recognize when these individuals actually have true power or they are just insecure beings, handed the keys to the kingdom because they were born to the right family. …

and why I surround myself with them

Photo by Iwona Castiello d’Antonio

Our world is getting approaching the brink of an apocalyptic shift in the treatment of women. Comparatively we have come so far, yet we we still have so far to go. Women are seizing more opportunities and crushing it more than ever in history, but even in the most advanced of countries are still subject to patronizing, ridicule, and blatant harassment. …

An Intrinsic and sustainable source

Photo by Hal Gatewood

Perhaps the most challenging resource to acquire when attempting to overcome obstacles in our life is energy. Energy is not only what gives us the ability to start moving, but keep moving. Yet it’s often treated as a linear problem with a linear solution. Sure there is physical energy, mental energy, and emotional energy, but addressing only one of these sources is rarely enough. …

When to take action and when to just shut up and listen

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭

Listening is perhaps one of the most influential skills when developing relationships and is absolutely crucial in leadership of any kind. Yet there is a difference between allowing someone to be heard and letting their opinions affect your decisions. Human’s were bred for conflict, it’s how we push ourselves to advance and improve constantly. Sometimes that manifests itself in unproductive ways, such as violence or even petty arguments, but it’s also what forces us to address uncomfortable topics. We will never agree on everything, nor should we. …

Non-compliance doesn’t mean you can’t be a great team member

Photo by Warren Wong

Teamwork is one of the most effective and interesting phenomenons of human history. I’ve seen first-hand the incredible things you can accomplish with a team around you that wouldn’t have been possible alone. Yet many times I’ve been deeply disappointed in teams I have joined. Though they were filled with highly intelligent and capable people, they didn’t meet the mind-blowing flow and effectiveness that I have come to expect, and I was a part of the problem. …

Drinking should enhance an experience, not replace it

Photo by Dave Lastovskiy

Alcohol has been on my blocked call list for awhile now. It’s like the friend I don’t want to talk to on a regular basis, but in the right situation with the right mood, he can be a lot of fun. I’m no longer tempted on a regular basis to drink and haven’t experienced a bad hangover in years, but sometimes I just get bored and waste time and money thinking it will replace my boredom with excitement. Or even worse, I may trick myself into thinking it’s the only sensible thing to do in a social situation.

I’m fortunate…

Zach D

Be curious, have fun

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