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25 Essential Things You Should Learn If You Want To Be Successful

Zdravko Cvijetic
Nov 7, 2017 · 15 min read

The world is shifting and evolving rapidly. And if you are not changing or evolving with the times, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re stagnating, or merely going backward.

The good news is, for those who attempt to reach their maximum, the rewards are enormous.

It’s never too late, so here’s a list of 25 essential how-to’s that will help you be more successful and grow exponentially.

1. How to Develop Self-Awareness

2. How to Create a Personal Philosophy

3. How to Create Your Vocation

I don’t think we are all placed on Earth with a purpose.

  • Your Passions — what do you love to do?
  • World Opportunities — what opportunities are out there for you to take or create?

4. How to Set Goals

Goals work like a lens of a camera.

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5. How to Visualize Your Path

6. How to Form and Break Habits

7. How to Create a Healthy Regimen

If you want to achieve anything in life, everything starts here.

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  1. Physical Activity

8. How to Accelerate Your Learning

9. How to Intentionally Consume Information

As I mentioned earlier, we are often over-cluttered with information, especially on what Kardashians have been up to recently.

10. How to Read Better

Everyone is focused on the idea of becoming a faster reader, while there are so many tips you should focus on, to become a better reader.

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11. How to Focus

Every person has something that can get them in the ZONE.

12. How to Be Productive

Maybe I have a professional deformation, but I profoundly believe that this skill is the most crucial of all.

13. How to Be a Better Decision Maker

14. How to Manage Stress

To manage stress, you need to discover the sources of it.

  1. Short-term strategy — it often happens that something unexpected arises that is out of your control, that’s why you need to have a list of possible activities you can do, to relax and reduce the overwhelm on the spot (i.e. your colleague pisses you off > immediately you stop talking, breathe and take a walk, or play your favorite music)

15. How to Meditate

You are always on the move.

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Do whatever suits you.

If you want to sit down for 2 minutes and breathe, do that. If you want to lie down for 15 minutes and think, do that. Just find something that suits you and try it.

16. How to Be Alone

17. How to Be Creative

18. How to Write for Pleasure

There’s a lot of incredible ideas just waiting to be materialized through the ink, or a keyboard. All you have to do is start.

19. How to Tell a Story

This is probably one of the most useful skills you can ever develop.

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20. How to Communicate with Other People

I hate chit-chat.

  • Sequence — How do you want to present your message?
  • Emotion — What emotion do you want to leave your conversation partner with?

  • Next Chapter — What is the next step in their life? What is something they aspire to do?
  • Message — What message are they trying to transfer to you?

21. How to Be Persuasive (aka Sell)

Whether you like it or not, your success in your personal and professional life highly depends on your ability to sell yourself, your ideas, products or services.

22. How to Say NO

23. How to Develop a Personal Brand

You are always telling a story of your life, through the things you choose to focus on a daily basis.

24. How to Create (and maintain) a Right Network of People

25. How to Make Money Work for You

Earning money only to save it is like acquiring a skill, only to leave it in the back of your head for the next 20 years.

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Final Takeaway

Oh man, that was long.

One last thing…

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