Why you shouldn’t follow composition rules but might also know some. They can still however be a great path towards better photography and narration.

People photographing things on a ferry in Denmark.

Can photography be great when you follow composition rules?

If you are a beginner or casual amateur, you will find tips and tricks to enhance your photographic abilities almost everywhere. Many will state that a good photograph is about applying essential rules. Follow them, or you will never take great photos.

Beginners, avid to rapidly progress using insiders’ tricks…

The three-eyed monster that is the iPhone 12 Pro Max seems to pack incredible punch power for serious photography. But as usual, we need to go beyond the sole technological specifications and see how it handles real life. Apple boasts about its incredible night shots, so, as a fan of…

The Polaroid Mint is a plastic instant camera without a screen. Hello optical viewfinder.

It prints using a thermal color process and saves pictures as JPEGs — almost no settings. Five press-buttons (one to trigger), a slightly hidden reset one, and one high-power LED flash.

It also has a micro…

Everyone has the best tips. They’ve already posted them online. Here my three more, probably good-enough random tips for model photography.

1 — Make things comfortable with essential goods.

While your model may work for free, cash, or prints, providing essential comfort is always a plus. Having water to drink…

Tristan Zand

I like to hide behind sunglasses/music/photo/tech/arts/politics/whatever/oh and bass... Experimental photography and conceptual media. http://zand.net

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