Why Tim Cook is so furious
Gernot Poetsch

Thanks for the clear article.

In the light of this, there might however be some other things to debate, including the ways we manage our data online through for-profit privately owned services.

Not that it isn’t good, but if living in a democracy in our age, we clearly need to understand and set what is or isn’t allowable in terms of data privacy on an individual scale. This probably implies redefining the fine balance between right to individual freedom and societal requirements in terms of private information. In that sense we probably have to look at a bigger picture than that of technology and information philosophy alone.

Maybe we ‘simply’ should look at tools for preserving privacy differently?

For those interested I tried to write a bit more about that in a Medium format: https://medium.com/@zdrilx/should-we-really-care-about-that-unbreakable-iphone-cryptography-d77ddefeda22#.zcvtwwy0r

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