Thanks, ZDW, for your kind words.
Scott Myers

Reading this, I feel like we have so much in common — I’m a complete outsider as well, with no connections to Hollywood whatsoever, but loving movies and good stories since I was a little kid. I started writing and thinking about myself as a “real” writer about a year ago. I was so lucky to have discovered your blog at the very beginning of my journey and I follow it every day since then — the blog, your Twitter (me:, even took part in one of your online courses (Core II: Concept). I even asked you a question which you have been kind enough to have answered on your blog (the one about casting specific actors and writing spec script with a specified cast in my mind).

I have met — mosly online — some of so-called writing gurus, producers or other Hollywood types on my way and no one has ever come even close to being as helpful, kind, resurceful and so much engaged in helping me in following my bliss and my true calling as you. I have learned the most from you and I’m wiling to keep learning.

I am really hoping to meet you some day — possibly even at the next London Screenwriting Festival, as I live in Europe and never been to the States, although I’m planning to come there some day and try my luck in getting a writing job — and it would be a great honor for me to talk to you and thank you in person for everything you are doing for me and other writers. If not for you, I would never even think that I am able to write a good script and be a screenwriter, let alone actually do this. Believe in myself and follow my true calling in this crazy and chaotic world. And here I am, doing exactly that and finding my happiness in it.

Thank you again and may the Force be forever with you :)

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