Don’t you think the institution of ‘marriage’ is being quite outdated now!

It has lost its actual gist and essence. It has not remained something which is a pure,serene and intimate bond of two souls but rather become social snobbery and show-off which also includes unnecessary waste of money,food and resources.

Actually it should be simple,beautiful and personal event in one’s life which is a very important milestone and mostly way too cherishable!

But nowadays it has become more of a burdensome and hypocrit activity where all arrangements are made keeping in mind the ‘others’; I mean the relatives, the society, the social and economic competitors, etc… etc…

What is most important is quite forgotten and that is the experience of bonding and love between two souls. And it is just a celebration of that beautiful relationship and no competition or means of showing or rather proving one’s ‘social status’ .

#marriageinstitution #realitycheck

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