Life teaches you something each and every day!

(Well, only if you let it! )

It can be through any means. It can be your little sibling who just loiters and litters by his nibbling! It can be a movie or even a twenty second advertisement. It can be your dog, your book, your instagram feed. It definitely can be ANYTHING!

So we can come to the point of understanding a distinct thing from it:

  • To never underestimate anyone or anything. NEVER EVER EVER!

‘Coz you never know what can turn to be what. Everyone comes with their own lot of virtues and vices, good and bad, generosity and vanity. You just can’t judge and ascertain a particular image of a particular person just on the basis of a particular trait.

But yeah, one more thing can definitely be said though:

  • Not underestimating others also means not underestimating YOURSELF!

You can’t just be gullible and weak being non-judgemental and positive about others that you end up not trusting you own self enough. A big ‘NO’ to that.

‘Coz you also never know what are your latent potentials, abilities and capacities. And you can always dig in and find something or the other that is better than your current self, and that surely astounds you.

There can be no such day when you can end up saying “Oh I am aware of all my abilities and I know myself completely.”

This day only comes when/if you let it come. Instead, when you are in constant search for your ‘better self’, you find so many ways and reasons to love yourself even more each day!

So keep the search on and keep digging!