25 Truths: Growing Up

1. There’s no short cut to success. In case you find out, let me know.

2. Your family may feel dysfunction, but in retrospect you’ll realise that it’s your ideal fit.

3. Sometimes we do the wrong thing, because it feels so right. But in the end, you’ve got to fix it.

4. Relationships are all about effort, and the stubborn will to be together. Everything else is just a topping.

5. There’s no better message than the one that says: Your salary has been credited.

6. Going to a concert with your best friend, is always a great idea. Coldplay memories for life.

7. Moving to a new city teaches you more about yourself than you’d ever imagine. It’s like you discover yourself in tandem with the city.

8. There is no tolerance for slow internet, no matter how old you may grow.

9. There’s no such things as signals or mind games. If you want something, go after it. If something aches you, talk about it. If someone bothers you, say it to their face. Way too many times, we waste time in unnecessary necessities.

10. Watching what you eat can be both mortifying and gratifying at the same time.

11. The art of being alone is something that needs to be given a try, if not mastered.

12. Red lipstick does have the power to make you feel invincible when you most need it.

13. Music as a way to heal is way, way underrated.

14. So are prayers, or whatever kind of spiritual seeking you’re into.

15. You may love and loathe the same person. Yes, that is a possibility.

16. If you have friends that accept you for the nasty bitch that you can be, you have more than what most people don’t.

17. Netflix and chill is always a good idea. More so, if you’re your own company.

18. Writing, even though it feels like the sea of words just dried up, is always a necessary exercise.

19. There’s no better way to keep yourself sane and upgraded than to keep reading. If humans had a way of upgrading their software, this would be it.

20. I’d be willing to cross the sea out of compassion, but not budge an inch when coerced.

21. Boundaries don’t keep people out, they fence you in. Be careful in making them.

22. Life’s not a competition. Stop the comparison, already! Live your life, even though it feels like you’re the bunny in a sea of crocodiles.

23. Birthdays cakes are always a great idea. So is good cologne. (Boys, take note)

24. God sent sisters as the cooler version of parents. If you have one, you’re lucky as fuck.

25. And most importantly, you never do grow up, till you actually want to. For now, I’m not planning to grow up anytime soon

See you on the other side.

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