It’s not okay.

As women, in fact as little girls we are always taught that its okay. But the fact remains that it’s not.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, then you probably still don’t get it.

As women we are always taught to adjust with almost every fucking thing.

I’m sorry to have used profanity, but that’s the level to which my discomfort rises every time I see a woman putting up with something that’s not okay, but we make it seem like it is.

This anger sparked off for the gazillionth time, when I was walking back home from work the other day.

There’s a public school very close to my office premises and every day I see students walk past after school is over. That particular day, I keenly observed a little girl, not more than 13, walking with what initially seemed like two of her male friends.

As I stepped in closer, I observed that they were not friends, instead they were two school mates who were subtly bullying her. Calling her names and chasing her. The girl clearly did not like it, but because as women we are taught to more often than not keep quiet and not voice our opinions or discomfort, she had a very uncomfortable smile plastered across her face, as she tried to shun them away.

This is what’s not okay.

You don’t like talking to a boy? Don’t fucking talk to them.

You dislike the way people pass comments, scream back at them.

You hate the way you’re always being told about what to do? Stop doing it.

Be at ease with yourself.

You have just one life to be yourself and nobody, not even the society that essentially forms the premise of your existence should be able to take it away from you.

So please. Be angry. Be pissed off. Seethe with rage or be as calm as you can. Be anything. But don’t be okay with it.

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