Learning To Arrange

So I keep thinking of what I am learning everyday from life. It never comes to me in straight jacketed terms, but always in some sort of random babble, and given the OCD powerhouse that I am, I arranged it all in a list.

I have no idea if anyone would even relate to this, but who said that I wrote it for other people?


Read on. Odd learnings, a list.

  1. Your mother always knows. Always. She may not say it, but she does know. Mothers are super humans like that.
  2. Your best friend will always have your back. If not, they are not your best friend.
  3. The one you think about even when you don’t want to? Yes, that is your heart.
  4. The world is a selfish place, but that does not mean that there is no goodness around.
  5. Shopping is always the solution.
  6. So is chocolate ice cream. One entire bucket, straight.
  7. Ambition can never be over rated. It’s okay if the world calls you mechanical. They are just jealous.
  8. Similarly, not planning or working hard is a lousy excuse for being a stupid douche bag. It’s okay to chase your dreams like crazy.
  9. Being stubborn, might actually be a good thing. At times it might actually help you get through a lot of shit.
  10. Trying to find goodness in people is good. But trying to find goodness in someone who is actually a scum bag is stupid. Yes, there are bad people too. Yes, I am being judgmental. Yes, it’s perfectly alright.
  11. Thinking that people change for the better, is just a way of pleasing yourself. Do not fall into that trap.
  12. Rebound relationships. NO.
  13. Never take a toothache lightly. Chances are, you’ll end up with a swollen mouth and a week filled with medicine hangover.
  14. If you love collecting something, never give up on it. People may call you a hoarder, but who cares. I love collecting rings, and they make me feel amazing.
  15. Also you need not always have it all figured out. It is okay to admit that you are fucked up, and that you will also make it through the mess.
  16. No matter how much relationship advice you give to your girlfriends, they will end up doing the exact same mistake, over and over again. But that does not mean that you should stop.
  17. Never underestimate the power of amazing cologne to turn you on.
  18. There is no defence mechanism for slow internet toleration. You just got to deal with it.
  19. The joy of giving is real. Ever seen the look on your mother’s face when you buy her something nice? Yes, that!
  20. No matter how much fathers may complain about your shopping or over spending, in the end they will be the ones to keep spoiling you rotten.
  21. Watches are classy. Period.
  22. So is splurging on an amazing perfume.
  23. You may not understand a lot of people, but that does not mean that you should love them any less.
  24. Always go out there and give it a shot. Do not tremble in the fear of so many incomplete “what ifs”.
  25. You need a 4 am person for sanity at all costs. I am glad I have one for myself.
  26. It’s okay to be demanding, provided you are confident of what you bring to the table.
  27. Because whoever said that it is foolish is just a pessimistic nut case.
  28. Books will change your perspective for life. Always embrace that change. It’s a blessing.
  29. Don’t settle for something that makes you feel out of place. You don’t deserve it.
  30. And most importantly, never give up even if the hope you had has dwindled down to the final percentage.
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