My Study Abroad Experience at the University of New Hampshire

Are you interested in study abroad? Do you have some concerns regarding different academic settings or cultures? My answer would be: Go experience study abroad! Our PNU and the Department of Global Studies are not only helping students financially and with procedures, but also giving students a number of choices of country and even a handful of prestigious universities within a single country. My study abroad experience was in the USA during the 2016 spring semester. Like other new exchange students abroad, I was initially unsure whether I really could do it and under pressure to succeed academically in a different setup. After arriving at the University of New Hampshire campus, loneliness and shyness put a barrier in both classrooms and in extracurricular activities and events for a time. However, I realized that this program is a chance that depends on me and how I spend that period efficiently. Soon after, I had the opportunity to meet many people from different backgrounds like myself as well as other young people. Whether having debates over the next presidential election or conversation about our trip to Harvard University and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I understood that my way of thinking and perspective had broadened by many means, even though that might sound clichéd. The one thing that really appealed to me was that the mood of the students on campus was rather entertaining; they were active in other social activities and aware of current affairs on top of their studies. We participated in a big marathon to fight breast cancer and went to watch “Kung Fu Panda 3” during our midterm week and all three dining halls offered us the most delicious pancake nights from 12am to 4am on our final week. That atmosphere probably helped me find a lot of energy and inspiration not only to study hard but socialize hard as well. I had the same thrill and worries about my final exam as I had at PNU. But after my friends called me over to go horse riding and to try playing freestyle drum on the street before gathering to study together, my worries seemed far more diminished. I was able to concentrate after all. In short, I learned that the best way to succeed is to try out other things rather than focusing on success itself. Having the chance to express my gratitude, I would like to thank both PNU and DGS for giving me such an opportunity to learn and to appreciate other cultures, their diversity, and especially for being the foundation and agent for considering myself a global citizen.