Why I am studying my degree?

By the time I was applying for various universities, I had already had a vocational college diploma with honors and a decent teaching job in language training center. My decision to study for a degree came after working for about two years. I realized that I stopped learning something new and indeed most of my co-workers were already holders of under- and postgraduate degrees. Not that I wanted to get a higher paid job or faced inequality at work but I thought I needed more experience and knowledge just for the sake of my own ever-increasing curiosity. Another partial reason why I am pursuing my degree is because all members of my family have got their higher and postgraduate degrees. So I knew that my family would support my decision. After completing my undergraduate degree, In the future, I would like to pursue all the way to the postdoctoral and help people using my experience, skills, and education. Jobs with promising high income level would be my second priority as compared to the ones that need an expertise to help change the lives of the needy and underprivileged members of the community.

What are my main motivational challenges and how can I overcome them?

I think one of the biggest motivational challenges is being perfectionist. Every time I start a task, I question myself too much about the quality of it and whether I am doing the right way. In addition, I constantly make judgment over every little thing I have written or done and try to compare to the works of other professionals and expertise. If I see no or little positive change, my self-esteem goes immediately drops to zero. It is often hard to recover the initial confidence and interest after that. And finally I end up giving up.