ZEBRADOG created a signature graphic identity and visual brand plan for a new social incubator facility poised to change our futures.

Life and culture inside the doghouse.

Family Photo #1 of a four-part series (check out our FB for the rest!)

It’s my first ZEBRADOG meeting — we call them huddles — and I’m incredibly excited to meet everyone and start my new position. As I move toward the conference room, Careless Whisper spills from the doorway accompanied by candlelight. No one acknowledges this as strange.

I slide into my seat as everyone smiles and mouths “hi,” giving thumbs up — presumably not wanting to disturb the sweet tunes that have everyone swaying together at 8 a.m. The song ends and everyone erupts into morning greetings. At some point, someone turns to me and says, “don’t worry, this isn’t normal.”


A comparison of how we implemented real-time data within two of our latest interactive media exhibits by Nicolas Ross, Interactive Developer at ZEBRADOG.

Kaisang Tenzin, Technical Project Manager at ZEBRADOG, demonstrates the media wall at Joan North Place.

As a developer at ZEBRADOG, I’ve learned that thoughtful content aggregation is integral to implementing interactive media exhibitry. In addition to selecting the most representative sources, it’s also a process of wrangling and massaging their contents into one place so that they are viable for us and digestible for the end user.

So when we were approached by the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and Leinenkugel’s® to help tell their stories, we were wary to rely upon generic solutions to convey such vivid identities. …

The joys of capturing and sharing a life’s journey

It’s 9 a.m. when we pull out of the Zebradog parking lot. My coworker turns on the radio and we start talking about where we are headed and who we are about to meet. On most days, I’m a designer, traditionally positioned in front of a computer for several hours making beautiful things out of pixels. But at ZD, a title can mean so much more. Today, being a designer means I’m on the road as a researcher, writer, and video technician.

Zebradog is a team of storytellers. Our day-to-day interactions…

An inside look at a new historical carriage exhibit honoring the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright by Kenneth Casper, Architectural Exhibit Designer at ZEBRADOG.

I’m always excited to work on a local project that delves into Wisconsin history. The more I learn about my home, the more connected I feel. Wade House and the Wisconsin State Historical Society approached ZEBRADOG about creating a special exhibit highlighting Frank Lloyd Wright and I jumped at the chance to be involved.

This project began on an accelerated schedule. Our team had to understand the content and develop design solutions that would meet Wade House’s expectations from the very first presentation. Too much deliberation, and our window for installation would close.

Luckily, we had a resourceful client who…


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