One BIG challenge at a time !

We decided to dedicate our first Zebra-med Blog post to a very new Zebra-med team member who we all admire and who is going to try and do something truly spectacular.

Meet Elad Benjamin , Stanford grad and an Health IT veteran with much managerial and global experience in both publicly traded and private healthcare companies.

But wait , this is not the interesting part !

The real story and one of the key reasons why Elad joined the Zebra-med’s herd is how he views and takes challenges in life ,

In the next few days Elad will :

a) Run 87 miles from London to Dover

b) Swim the English channel

c) Cycle 181 miles from Normandy to Paris

d) All of the above (at The Enduroman Arch to Arc challenge)

Answer : no way !?! , well yes , it is : (d)

While for most of us each one of these specific challenges seems unreal or a dream by itself , Elad is going to take all of them one after the other. We watched Elad closely in the last several months , how he takes care of his body and (more importantly ) mind , and how he trains persistently every day toward a long term goal. So, put the right mind , right training and persistence together with the backing of his VERY supportive family — we know Elad has everything that is needed to succeed once again.

You can watch Elad’s progress live here and see some of his past challenges here , and here

We will post soon more about our work at Zebra-med that is similar in essence to what Elad is doing: not just a “regular marathon race” but rather something that is exponentially more challenging. Broadly , we shoot for the moon with regards to big data and medical imaging diagnosis so that the next couple of billions people (with a B) to join the “connected world” , will get sufficient and efficient health care.

Welcome Elad Benjamin and good luck from all of us at the Zebra herd !

cheers and stay tuned;

Eyal Gura

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