Why I am in Love with “One Page Exchange”?

Do you believe in the love at first sight?

Of course I am not talking for the real life love, falling in the love with your future partner. Sometimes Love can be a feeling of that first impressionover something that will make you say; THIS IS IT!

I said THIS IS IT when I saw the ONE PAGE EXCHANGE

https://onepagex.com/ << is the Exchange website which means the One Page Exchange which is coming with super awesome features for the#cyrptocurrency world and the coin+token lovers.
As a trader I had a chance to read everything about the website itself. The main vision of the website is to make trading more simple with the interface and the user experience. And this is what they actually DO!

You know why?

Because to be able to use the One Page there is no any restriction, no need to have an account nor signing or agreeing to different cookies , terms of policies and many other things there are just time consuming!
The interface itself is so so simple, while you can exchange your coins to more than 140+ different ones which are available with only few clicks.

Source of Image

As you can see in the Image from the Source you just give the amount of any coin that you want to set in the given address showing you how much you will get in return for the demanded coin. And the whole procedure is getting less confirmation amount than other normal exchanges which usually take more time to do that, but this one has a light speed

This is why the main thumbnail of this post has the Light photo and its speed in the background when talking about the slogan of FASTER PROCESS OF CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING

Why more than hundred of cryptocurrencies not only few?

In the ideology of the trader there is always different benefits of different coins or tokens, some love coin a more the rest wants to see coin b there to. So this is a global project which is covering the most important coins from the mindset of the traders.
Mainly they can trade only in ONE PAGE very simple and easily!

So #TRADERS what are you waiting for, start using your newest most amazing exchange instead of spending some time on registration and different time-consuming options on other exchanges :)

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