Zebware Launches Orchesto

Zebware’s vision is to create the market’s best and most versatile platform for orchestrating all your data in a multi-cloud environment.

Orchesto Basic 1.0 is our first version. It is a multi-point object storage gateway compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage.

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Features include:

  • Access any combination of storage providers via a single Amazon S3 compatible endpoint
  • Combine any number of buckets from multiple storage providers in a unified bucket namespace
  • Overlay buckets from different storage providers through Orchesto as one virtual bucket with a single coherent object namespace
  • A beautiful integrated web interface to manage storage providers, usage, access and more.

Orchesto provides support to three different types of storage providers:

  • Preferred Cloud Storage Providers
  • User-Defined Amazon S3 API Compatible Solution
  • Filesystem

Special support is given to select cloud storage providers to ensure a consistent unified object model for storage clients. The currently supported (and ever growing) list of preferred cloud storage providers include:

Other solutions compatible with industry standard Amazon S3 API can be connected as well.

All data uploaded through Orchesto is stored in the native format of the storage provider, ensuring the data lifecycle is not obstructed across storage environments. This allows direct access to the data outside Orchesto, and access to existing data through Orchesto, at the same time.