Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends
Owen Williams

Hey Owen, thanks for the article. It seems the main reason you decided to leave is because you don’t get enough views on your stories, and considering the impression you mentioned, 5000, you can be considered as a small-size influencer not a regular user. First of all snapchat is not the perfect platform for influencers , at least for now. Also you can’t compare instagram with snapchat, probably you can find several engineering teams in instagram or facebook which have more engineers than snapchat, so you can’t expect to have exactly the same features here.

Snapchat is not twitter, twitter’s first challenge was not the flat growth, which here is not the case believe me and wait to for Q1 2017 ;)

twitter’s biggest problem was very low engagement rate, snapchatters create more content than any other platform, including facebook and instagram.

facebook, whatsapp and instagram can copy stories, lenses, filters but what about discover, snap to unlock, geofilters, tv programs broadcasting on snapchat, what about future innovations. How do you feel to be on a platform which hasn’t had any innovation for years.

You are right finding people/stuff is not powerful today at snapchat but what about tomorrow? Don’t forget innovation is as important as user base, go and look what happened to HP after stopping being innovative. Copying others aren’t considered as innovation.

To me, executives of facebook are desperately trying to save their platform by copying and stealing other’s products shamelessly, but I wonder how far this can go, at some point you simply can’t copy anymore.

I don’t think facebook will die any soon and I don’t want to, but what I can’t get is facebook’s greed to be a monopoly in any price, facebook’s fear from any new and old platform.

Good luck and I wouldn’t rush to pull out from snapchat so quickly.


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