Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp.


Andela Bootcamp for me has been both challenging and exciting, thanks for some few colleagues I met in the last few days in the Bootcamp, they I have been very supportive and they have make the Bootcamp more interesting for me, One of the new friends I was able to make his Henry, Henry hail from Delta State Nigeria, reside in Abuja, he graduated from University of Benin study sociology, He spent all his childhood and teenager year in the North part of the country he speaks three different language, 
 I actually met Henry during our interview stage because we were both interviewed by the same panel,

Henry is a trained IT staff at coral spring group company one of the cool interesting things I admire about Henry is that he is very articulate in putting words together, He has core experience in java programing language, he has been very supportive in times I have a blocker or in times of explanation in some programming logic. He is very jovial as well he knows how to make people laugh, his favorite genre of music is rock.

Moreover, another cool colleague I met during the Bootcamp was Anaeze Nsoffor he likes to call himself angry programmer, On the first day of the Bootcamp we both sit on the same seat, with few hours we spent together he was quite interesting the level he thinks logical really amazed me and he shows a lot of passion to learn new things, He stays in Abia state, Owerri and he his favourite sport his football, he quite a cool friend,

Another passionate colleague, I met during the Bootcamp was Temi hail from Lagos state school at university Portsmouth England he study Technology management which he won by Scholarship, He won Bournivita trip to Dubai when he was 10years one very interesting thing about Temi is that he always show interest in learning new things and he will make sure he understands the concept, he talks gently and he is very brilliant he loves travelling have .

Nevertheless, Bootcamp experience for me has been very wonderful, the challenge that comes each day have pushed me further to learn, unlearn and re-learn some new concept couple with all these passionate and wonderful folks. All I can hope and pray for is if all of us can make it to the very final selection of the Bootcamp process.

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