<p> T0 B3 C0NT1NU3D? </p>

Well… My year certainly went by fast in coding class. All of which was spent trying to understand Javascript but nonetheless really fun experience! We learned basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then we started doing more complicated stuff like flexboxes… DOM methods… and data. TBH I kinda lost it once we started doing data, then I proceeded in forgetting everything else.

Me Learning Javascript

Basically.. what I expected

Me in General

I’m glad I was able to learn coding and the normal gist of it! I know that there are a LOT of things I need to improve on, but that goes to say I need to do more research on things I don’t understand. I mainly give up because something is too hard to understand (javascript especially).

I feel like coding is a really awesome skill to have and to learn, since essentially at this time of age, you could make any app, game, or your own blog of whatever posts you want! It gives you an understanding of the hard work coders have to go through as well. This is something I especially want to pick up and learn more about!

I plan to possibly continue and iron out some of the things I hard trouble learning about, and review all the old stuff I worked on in the past. I will continue learning like everyone should be able to do!

LISTEN CAREFULLY DURING THE JAVASCRIPT PHASE. HTML and CSS is basically common sense, but when you’re in javascript, try to understand it the best you can. Javascript is how you make everything work. If that doesn’t work, nothing else will!
Also, be nice to our teachers, they really are great~ I swear to god if I hear one of you guys messing up, I will rain terror on you!

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