O n any given day, I’ll be the first to admit it: I love Women’s Wear Daily. In particular, what I adore about WWD is the hard news style they often bring to reports about many different facets of the fashion and beauty industries — many people are surprised to find that WWD has an extensive staff of reporters tackling topics like business trends in the retail space, high profiles of important names, international business, in addition to extensive coverage of breaking news within the industry and especially great coverage of seasonal collection presentations in major cities across the globe.

How often do I ever think about the audience I’m writing or producing content for? Like the singular person on the other end of this whole process, sitting somewhere on this planet glaring at their computer screen attempting to glean something from me? Weirdly enough, not quite that often.

As a journalist, and I’m sure many of you who might be reading this and consider yourself part of the media as well, most of the time that I think of my audience is when I consider what they might be interested in during pre-production. Once I finish something, more often…

It’s 1982 and a young woman has just landed her first job in the media industry. She’s working for a conservative weekly magazine printed in a realm of media leadership largely dominated by cigar-sucking, grossly overpaid male editors who didn’t have the capacity to work efficiently with women in non-feminine editorial. She’s fresh fresh off her graduation from the University of East Anglia and has never worked in commentary news. A high-profile businessman has been accused of major crimes, and his girlfriend has done time in prison because she’s refused to share details about his work with authorities. The girlfriend…

Zee Krstic

frmr cool teen™ & lots of mixed drinks about feelings. All things digital @cooking_light @TimeInc | left my mark @UFlorida | past @eater via mag fam @ASME1963

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