Here’s how Cortana can become a better assistant if integrated to the whole operating system

In the last few days, I was wondering how can Cortana do even more? What if it gets implemented in the whole operating system. So I’ve created some concept shots to show just that. So let’s begin.

Cortana Suggestions in Context Menus

Cortana will learn what is the most frequent task(s) user does with a certain file type. So in this example, the user opens images in Lightroom most of the time and puts those files in a folder after they finish working with the images.

So Cortana sees that and puts “Open in Adobe Lightroom” and “Create folder from selection” options at the top…

Giving Windows 10’s “Tablet Mode” a design overhaul

Refreshed Start Screen running on a Surface Pro

The Problem

Windows 10’s tablet mode gets quite neglected. In the past few years, there hasn’t been done much to the “tablet experience”. Yeah, the 2-in-1 experience did get an overhaul this year but I’m solely talking about the “tablet” experience here.

The tablet mode now-a-days feels like an abandoned, jittery mess. Which is a shame because I think it can be much more refined and just can do more. So in the past few days, I’ve been working on redesigning Windows 10’s tablet experience. I did post an early preview of the reworked Start Screen on Twitter and people seemed to…

Windows 10 X’s desktop mode running on a Surface Laptop

When Windows 10 X was announced, I was very excited about it, but recently Neowin shared a hands-on video of Windows 10 X running on a ThinkPad X1 Fold. Frankly, I was quite disappointed that it can only run two apps at once. Rumors do say that it’ll have the ability to run floating windows in a “desktop mode”, I hope that happens in the future.

So I’ve prepared some concept shots to share some of my ideas about the “desktop mode” of Windows 10 X:

Integrating Timeline with the Start Menu

A fan’s take on Windows 10’s File Explorer

A refreshed design

The current File Explorer looks quite outdated. So I wanted to see how it would look like, if it gets a Fluent Design makeover.

As we all know, Windows Administrative Tools look quite out-dated. So I wanted to see how would they look like if they get a Fluent Design makeover.

Device Manager

I wanted to give Device Manager a Fluent Design makeover while keeping the original look. So here it is:

Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana

Tech geek who knows a bit about design 🖌

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