Add Exotic Flavor To Your Dish With Pitted Olives

People with discriminating taste look for quality gourmet olives which they use as appetizers, ingredients for dishes, salads, and spreads. These fruits may be green, black, or any colour in-between and are sold whole, pitted and stuffed. What makes these fruits sought after are their high nutritional values, fine taste, and unique appearance.

Olives are one ilk of food which can be eaten in many ways with a variety of different foods. There are many ways to eat an olive from right out of the can to the jarred kind with the traditional pimento stuffed inside. Olives are available in different sizes ranging in sizes, Black olives and green olives are the most common to be found at the grocery stores.

Olives combine the earthy and salty flavors of the Med — try tossing handful of green olives into a rocket and Parmesan salad, crush and spread black olives over fish before baking with a squeeze of lemon, stir a few chopped green olives into hollandaise sauce to serve with eggs Florentine, or throw a couple of handful of green olives into the roasting tin with your spuds to serve with roasted chicken. The possibilities of creating a sumptuous dish loaded with exotic flavors are endless.

One such way to enjoy the deliciousness of olives is to stuff them with various ingredients. An olive that has had its pit or stone removed is termed as pitted olive in culinary terms. They are generally stuffed with an ingredient as pimento, jalapeno, dried tomato, garlic or onion. Olives can be pitted in small quantities at home by crushing an olive against the side of a chef’s knife. This forces the hard pit to be ejected from the olive. Another method used to pit olives in small amounts is the olive pitter or stoner. The pitted green olive is the perfect companion for your aperitive or any of your colored dishes.

If you are looking forward to serving your guests or family with this delicious appetizer and are confused from where to buy olives that are well-pitted, then just go to the supermarket and you will get them in an almost every desired flavor. Pitted olives are readily available packaged in bottles in brine solutions. The olives can also be easily pitted at home with a pitter, an instrument which is available at most gourmet stores.

Olives are considered as the unsung heroes of the savory world as they serve your taste buds in a plethora of ways to present a variety in your platter.

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