Terraform Using AWS S3 Remote Backend

Zeeshan Baig
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read
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These days Terraform is the industry’s go-to tool for Infrastructure automation. Terraform allows you to write infrastructure as a code, which you can manage via source control and one of many benefits is that you can keep track of the changes of your infrastructure (which is a nightmare for any organization).


The problem arrives when you are working in a team. Since terraform.tfstate file is created on your local file system the other developer does not have visibility to it. When any other developer executes the same scripts terraform will create a new terraform.tfstate file which would be different from the current state.

Remote Backends

There are many types of remote backends you can use with Terraform but in this post, we will cover the popular solution of using S3 buckets.

  1. Sensitive Information — with remote backends your sensitive information would not be stored on local disk
  2. Remote Operations — Infrastructure build could be a time-consuming task, some remote backends supports remote execution of the tasks. You can then turn off your computer and your operation will still complete. Paired with remote state storage and locking above, this also helps in team environments.


  • Make sure the IAM user has Full Access to S3 (attach proper IAM policies)
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Note: Download example Terraform code from our GitHub repo

backend "s3"
$ terraform init 
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply
$ terraform show
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