What to Consider When Investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in 2017
Jonald Fyookball

I’m inclined to share your view that the most-affordable-to-use coin will be the winner but I don’t think I share your optimism for Bitcoin Cash.

As a crypto noob, I decided to do a real world test to a new wallet the other day. First I sent Bitcoin Cash and ended up paying a TX fee equal to 9% of the dollar value sent. I then sent Bitcoin, which cost me 25% of the dollar value sent. While 9% is a lot better than 25%, it’s still expensive compared to either Litecoin or PayPal.

I don’t know, maybe there’s room at the table for both low and high cost coins. What I am fairly certain of though, is if crypto noobs have to dig through FAQs and sub-reddits to find instructions on how to avoid high fees, you might as well have hidden that info inside the tomb of J.P. Morgan.

I will say though (perhaps ironically), I’ve yet to experience a better incentive to support cryptocurrencies than dealing with all of the headaches, hassles and horsesh-t that I’ve encountered these last few days trying to set up my podunk credit union account to work with a crypto exchange.

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