What is beauty?

In common human terms its when Someone’s facial appearance is attractive to human appeal. People who are on the lucky side of being beautiful or handsome do get more appreciation or benefit than those who are not But the real fact is I ask again what is beauty,Is it facial perfection? Well yes but I want to talk about real beauty which to me is what is on the inside, how someone expressions him or herself, how someone lives life in such a manner that even people around feel the positive impact in their lives. In more simple terms Beauty is talent, Self belief, self expression, Self confidence and most importantly Creativity. In a very known saying that goes like this

"What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul" .

This in my view is a perfect saying for the message i am trying to share. People believe cause they are beautiful/handsome it gives them an edge over others and in an non-offensive manner especially among females in the world. I have seen so many cases where people spend thousands even millions to make themselves look beautiful, will you call that foolish or low self-esteem? well I think I bit of both and what pains me more is those are the roles models to a lot of people but what of the so called ugly people who used their money to bring joy to the less privileged, The so called ugly singer on the corner who can use his voice to send messages of inspiration to people, The painter who paints a thousand words in a single painting. These examples are real beauty don’t judge what is on the outside but whats on the inside. Some people laugh at their friends for dating or marrying an ugly girl or guy with so much potential of greatness, they rather want their Friends to marry talentless over glamoured persons who have nothing more too offer than a pretty face i personally rather marry an ugly girl with so life and spark in her then a beauty queen. Urging everyone who will see this pay attention more to what someone has to offer then what the person looks like and don’t use all your resources making yourself finer but rather make yourself and the world at large better. Thanks

Please be Wise

Written by Ezekiel Eno for CreativeWritings

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